Kinta Batik Sarong Hot Pink

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Lisa King’s handmade Batik collection pays homage to the lifestyle of her childhood home, Railei Beach, Thailand. The sea inspired prints in this collection were originally hand drawn by Lisa herself, taking inspiration from her mother’s shell collection.

Lisa’s designs are replicated by local Thai artisans; expertly hand drawn onto the cloth by pencil, then traced with melted wax. A modern batik colour palette is applied by brush, using dye recipes developed over months of testing and trialing. Once dry, the cloth is then boiled to remove the wax, and lastly the cloth is hung to dry outside.

As the inks can be sensitive to humidity, there can be subtle differences to the colour shades, which only makes each piece a truly unique piece of wearable art. The whole process can take up to a day to complete. By reinterpreting batik and hand weaving through her work, Lisa honours her Thai and Indonesian heritage, whilst supporting local artisans and this traditional textile craft.

Size 180cm x 110cm.

100% Hand painted rayon. Made in Thailand.  Limited edition of 100.

Comes in protective ripstop bag.  

Shipping internationally from the UK, duties to be covered by customer.