The East London Flower Collective

Shop the new t shirt collection.

The East London Flower Collective

Shop the new t shirt collection.

The East London Flower Collective

The collection is dedicated to the early risers; the florists and the gardeners. It's an ode to those who rise with the sun to buy their flowers at markets across the world: from Pak Khlong Talad in Bangkok, to Adderley Street in Cape Town, I have always been inspired by the skill, strength and character of those who create beauty and meaning in their work, often at the expense of hard physical labour. The prints feature mixed media paintings and line drawings from market flowers around the world: orchids from Pak Khlong Talad in Thailand, to the roses of Columbia Road market in London. Futhermore, it is a tribute to the gardeners; their hands that work the soil and the many beautiful gardens around the world such as Kew Gardens, Xochimilco and Le Jardin Majorelle.

Lisa King

Lisa King x New & Lingwood


Lisa King collaborates with British luxury menswear brand New & Lingwood.

Together they have created a capsule showcase of garments using Lisa's

family batik collection, which will be displayed for London
Craft Week, from 13th - 19th May 2024.

14 Chiltern Street, London W1U 7PY

10am - 7pm

Monday to Sunday

Talking Batik with Lisa King and Dr. Fiona Kerlogue


To celebrate the innovative partnership between Lisa King and New & Lingwood, on 14th May Lisa King will host an insightful conversation with Dr Fiona Kerlogue at New & Lingwood Chiltern Street, delving into the fascinating history behind batik fabrics. Together the experts will give context to the historical use, colours and motifs of the cloth and chart the use of batik in modern day

New & Lingwood Store, 14 Chiltern St, London W1U 7PY

Limited tickets available via

Nowness: Seeding Solace

Antonis Hadjimichael exposes the London-based print designer’s process, building abstract floral arrangements as a means of catharsis

For Bangkok-born print artist Lisa King, flowers lie at the heart of her process. Compiled in abstract compositions that later become her prints, her flowers are dissected stem to stigma, or with heads severed, as pools of ink diffuse in the water surrounding them. Arising in her practice as a cathartic response that pays tribute to her late mother, the floral arrangements upon which King’s design work is centered have become a symbol of solace – the act of laying and repeating patterns guiding her in processing her grief.

“Through repeating familiar rituals and deconstructing the act of arranging flowers I’ve found renewal, positivity, and healing at the hardest of times. No one has captured the essence of my process or inspiration quite the way Antonis has.”